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At Bruton Skin Clinic we want our customers to leave beaming with confidence. This is why we offer such a vast range of treatments and therapies to help you target the areas of your body that you want to feel better about, both physically and emotionally.


We have a fantastic choice of individual treatments and bespoke transformational packages with a fantastic team of highly dedicated and professional therapists in health, beauty, aesthetics & healing therapies, and we are proud to say we can offer some of the greatest treatments on the market today. 


As well as day to day beauty treatments we offer a great selection of high end treatments for Face & Body.  These include, Skin consultations and specialist facials using a range of gorgeous products and effective techniques such as derma-planning, microdermabrasion, LED phototherapy, algae jelly peels, glycolic and enzyme peels, skin tightening, inch loss, cellulite, anti wrinkle and rejuvenation treatments.  We also regularly treat clients using our medical grade, integrated, multiplatform, machine which combines Radiofrequency, LED Light Therapy, Soft Laser & Vacuum Therapy, maximising results and giving you a "super treatment" (as apposed to having each treatment in separate sessions as most other clinics offer).  

We also have Jessica, an experienced BAC Nurse Prescriber who frequently visits us from her own Clinic in Horrington, Wells, to offer our clients a FREE Skin Consultation.  When suitable, Jessica can prescribe and carry out Anti Wrinkle Injections, Profhilo® and various other treatments such as high strength glycolic peels, retinol peels & micro-needling from our Bruton clinic

Take time out of your day to unwind in our relaxing treatment room in Bruton, Somerset, whilst being pampered by one of our dedicated Practitioners, all of whom are passionate about making others feel happy and confident from the inside and out. 

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